Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quarterly Cleaning Bee of Hall

St Andrews Playgroup quarterly cleaning bee


  • Sort & wash dress up clothes*
  • Place sand back into sand pit & top up
  • Ensure soft fall around playground is level & top up
  • Weeds removed/sprayed
  • Sort & clean plastic toy tubs
  • Clean coloured balls in clam
  • Remove items from shed, sweep & put back. Remove broken toys.
  • Wipe stove, oven, microwave, crockery in kitchen
  • Wash art smocks & cushion covers*
  • Sort & clean (with disinfectant) kitchen toys
  • Ensure craft cupboards are neat & tidy. List of items to be restocked.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect highchairs & change tables

* Any washing would be allocated on the day and taken home to be returned at their next session


  • Date: 1st August 2009 (Supervisor - Mel or Kimone from Terror Tots. Groups to participate - Bright Sparks, Munchkins, Little Marshians)
  • Date: 14th November 2009 (Supervisor - Sam or Helen from Puddleducks. Groups to participate - Marshmallows, Busy Bees, Cheeky Cherubs)
  • Date: 13th February 2010 (Supervisor - Liz from New Tots on the Block. Groups to participate - Yummy Mummies, BM Natural Parenting, Multiple Marshians)
  • Date: 8th May 2010 (Supervisor - Jayne from Marsh Mini's. Groups to participate - Little Gems, Maxi Kids, Kids Club)

Costs - A morning/afternoon tea would be provided to the value of $30.

Timing - The 2nd Saturday of each quarter.