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May 2009 Minutes

Date: Monday 04 May 2009 Venue: Fellowship Hall
Present: Kimone (Terror Tots / Admin 2), Samantha (Puddleducks), Liz (New Tots on the Block), Terhi (Maxi Kids), Karen (Bright Sparks), Julie (Little Marshians), Michelle and Beth (Little Gems), Gretta (Busy Bees), Vicki (The Kids Club), Sue (Munchkins), Sarah (Yummy Mummies), Amber (Marsh Minis), Christina (Marshmallows 2007), Reverend Blair (Church).
Introductions: Little Gems – started 08 April
Apologies: Melanie (Terror Tots / Coordinator), Mavis (Church), Multiple Marshians
Meeting Commenced At: 7.35pm

Business arising from the Minutes of the previous meeting:
- None

Coordinator: (Kimone on behalf of Melanie)
Outgoing Correspondence
1. Thank you to Catherine King MP for the Easter baskets. An additional Easter basket was available for a group that may have missed out. Terhi from Maxi Kids accepted this, as nobody else mentioned that they were missing one.
2. Letter to Church Re playgroup sign on fence (to go to Church Council in May 09)
3. Donation to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal
- PGV advises that they have been inundated with toys. Cash donations to PGV Vic Bushfire Fund can be made to support playgroups. 3 sites were lost and more mobile units are required.
- Initially a discussion took place and a vote was taken on an amount of either $500 or $1000. The majority voted for $500, however, further discussion was entered into regarding items on the Wish list which were regarded as unnecessary. A second vote was taken with the majority voting for a donation amount of $1000, with Terror Tots, Puddleducks and New Tots on the Block voting against the motion. Motion put forward by Amber and seconded by Sue to donate an amount of $1000 to the Bushfire Appeal.
- The payment of $1000 to PGV for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal needs to be made as soon as possible.

4. Secretary position
- Due to personal commitments, Jayne Runge has resigned as Secretary effective immediately. We thank Jayne for her contribution and hard work to date. We now seek someone to take over the interim role of Secretary until the AGM later in 2009. A Position Description /nomination has been placed on the notice board. A by election will take place at the June meeting. In the meantime, Liz has offered to undertake the role as Secretary.
5. Cleaning of hall
- As briefly discussed at April meeting, 2 proposals to consider:-
A. Once off and thereafter twice annual clean of chairs & tables, high dusting, clean skirtings budgeted for July 09 @ $90 (as per quote).
B. Cleaner in the hall weekly. Duties could include:- thorough vacuum, mop, highchairs, change table and rotation list of jobs ie clean toys, skirtings, etc. Quoted @ $60 per week for 2-3 hrs work. This should reduce the time taken to clean at the end of your session but would not eliminate it altogether. We would all still need to spot clean (mop, vacuum, wipe) after use.
- If proposal 2 is agreed, how would we fund this? (@ $60 week = $3120 pa). Suggestions: - $30 per family per annum cleaning levy (will provide approx $3000pa), $0.50c per family per week fee increase (approx $2600 pa and take something off wish list?).
o A lengthy discussion took place as to whether cleaners were necessary at all. As a result, the second proposal was rejected, as it was deemed to be unnecessary (in part) due to the additional cost. The first proposal was accepted as necessary due to health and safety issues and lack of equipment for dusting high on the ceiling and lights.
o A discussion on frequency came to an agreement of quarterly, which it is expected would increase the cost of the 1st proposal by $180, to $360 per annum. Sam suggested that this increase in cost would not affect the current budget a great deal. A new quote for quarterly cleaning to be sought.
o Further discussion took place regarding the toy storage boxes, which are one of the more time consuming jobs on the cleaning roster. A suggestion was made that the storage boxes be put on their own roster so that all groups are aware of the need to keep them tidy and clean at all times, therefore sharing the pain and negating the need for one group to spend more time cleaning than others.
o Motion put forward by Sam and seconded by Sarah to bring cleaners in quarterly at a projected additional cost of $180 per annum.
o Privacy Policy & Allergy Policy due
o Further time needed for research & compilation to make sure the wording is right, but not too onerous. We will circulate drafts during the month to Group Leaders for comment at June meeting.
Draft Budget and Wish List
o Due to lack of communication between group leaders / meeting attendees and the members of their groups, there was a general lack of awareness about the details of the Wish List, even though it has been discussed in detail at previous meetings. With a donation amount of $1000, there is expected to be a budget shortfall. The budget needs to be reviewed (in particular, wish list items will need to be reconsidered; either removed, sourced at cheaper prices or donated).
o An enlarged copy of the Wish list will be placed in a prominent position in the hall so that every group can discuss it in detail by the next meeting. Please identify any items which can be removed because someone is able to donate them, or offer an affordable alternative or avenue of procurement which can bring the budget down.
Draft (2nd) budget for the year period 1 July 2009 – 30 June 2010
· Budgeted income for year - $8900 ($6900 weekly fees & $2000 Church fees).
· At this stage, no fundraising budget for.
· Budgeted expenses for year - $8680 ($10680 - $2000 church fees paid)
· Contingency of $500 allowed for all year
· Budgeted end of year surplus - $665.
· Please Note – current budgeted amount to PGV Bushfire appeal = $300.
Wish List 08/09 (2nd draft)
· Items 1-15 included in July 2009 budget
· Items 17 & 18 included in November 2009 budget (in time for outdoor weather and toy sales)
· Items 19-23 included throughout year and in conjunction with Church
· Items 24 -26 will be carried over to 2009/2010 for consideration.
· Note – fridge figure not reduced to $300 (Apr meeting) as we need to have a fridge big enough for functions/parties to use the hall (if required at a later date). A bar fridge would not be adequate for this.

· Secretary position
· Cleaning Proposal (quarterly)
· Donation to the PGV Vic Bushfire Appeal
· Budget 1.7.09 – 30.6.10
· Wish list 08/09
By Whom/When:
· All groups to consider for next meeting
· Melanie to seek new quote for quarterly cleaning
· Melanie / Samantha to pay ASAP
· All groups to discuss by next meeting
· All groups to discuss by next meeting

Administration: (Kimone)
o First Aid Course – 20 June, 9am to 1pm in playgroup hall
o Minimum of 10 people required to run course
o Pre-payment is required to ensure numbers. $50 per attendee due at next monthly meeting on Monday 01 June 2009.
o Additional details of what the course covers to be provided for those who were not around last time it was run.
· Provide additional information on course
· Pre-payment for First Aid Course
By Whom/When:
· Kimone
· All attendees by next meeting

Treasurer: (Sam)
o Audit of Accounts – Sam has found a quote for $500, which all agreed was too much for an audit of the size we require. A notice to be put up asking if anyone is an accountant themselves or knows someone who can offer to do the audit for a cheaper price.
o Weekly fees received for March - $481.00
o Expenses paid in March $141.78
o Current balance is $3265.97
o Hall fees are due to be paid to the Church this month
· Put up notice regarding audit
By Whom/When:
· Melanie / Samantha

Fundraising: (Liz)
o The brochures for Social club books will be available on Friday, with orders and payment required by 01 June, at the next meeting.
o Further fundraising is currently on hold until the Budget and Wish List have been finalised and any necessity discovered.

Purchasing: (Sam on behalf of Helen)
o Mothers Day craft is in the cupboard ready to use – fans for the children to paint or draw on and cards to make book marks
o Play gate – Sam has been able to procure a safety gate for the hall door for a very reasonable price, which will be fitted before the end of the week. It may be able to stay in place once it is up, though was purchased with a view to removing it after each use.
o A safe mirror for the side of the dress up cupboard is still trying to be found.

Church: (Blair)
o The Church fete on 02 May went very well, making approximately $6000 (usually $4000)
o Not sure of the figure that the Jumping Castle contributed, however, it lowered the median age of the crowd and was therefore a success.
o Reverend Blair mentioned that he and Melanie need to have a discussion regarding the relationship between the playgroup and the Church before we went ahead with purchasing big ticket items, ie fridge.
· Discuss relationship between Church and playgroup
By Whom/When:
· Melanie and Reverend Blair

General Business

o Baby toys – please make sure that baby toys are kept separated from the general toys and that baby toys are put back in the red cupboard after use (Liz). The groups with babies would like a note put on the boxes to remind them.
o Website/blog – Blair and Sam are hoping to meet this month to proceed further.
o Christina from Marshmallows 2007 asked whether it was feasible to have fresh milk each week instead of UHT. General consensus was that UHT was easier to provide and have in stock than fresh, but groups were more than welcome to bring their own.
o Yummy Mummies used their Easter Basket as the prize in a raffle and raised $110. This has been put forward to make up the short fall towards the $1000 donation to the Bushfire Appeal.
o The outside gate will be replaced on Saturday 09 May.


Monday, 01 June 2009 @ 7.30pm

Minutes approved by: Kimone Stacey -Missen (as coordinator)

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