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July 2009 Minutes

Date: Monday 6th July 2009

Present: Melanie (Coordinator / Terror Tots), Mavis (Church), Kym Wilson (CWA), Liz (Secretary / Fundraising / New Tots on the Block), Sue (Munchkins), Leeanne (Little Gems), Natalie (Yummy Mummies), Candice (Cheeky Cherubs), Tonia (Busy Bees), Jackie (Marshmallows), Simone (Maxi Kids), Vicki (Kids Club), Jayne (Marsh Minis), Kimone (Admin / Terror Tots), and Sam (Treasurer / Puddleducks).
Apologies: Reverend Blair (Church), Natural Parenting, Gretta (Busy Bees), Bright Sparks, Little Marshians, Multiple Marshians
Meeting Commenced At: 7.35pm

Business arising from the Minutes of the previous meeting:
- None

Coordinator: (Melanie)
- Introductions & welcome to our new group, Cheeky Cherubs
- Presentation
Brief presentation was given by Kym Wilson from Country Women’s Association (CWA). CWA are canvassing for younger members, with babies and children welcome at the meetings. CWA are offering a morning tea on 13 August, with more information on a flyer on the noticeboard. Monthly meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month from 10 – 12pm, with an all day craft session on the second Thursday of each month.
Outgoing Correspondence
- None
Incoming Correspondence
- Letter from St Andrews Uniting Church (16/6/09) granting permission to make fence sign larger. Julie from Little Marshians is away, however, Melanie will follow up with her regarding the sign.
Open Day Proposal
- A motion moved by Jayne and seconded by Vicki to go ahead with the Open Day.
- Saturday 08 August 9am – 12 noon.
-Volunteers needed -
  • 3 ‘greeters’ at any time, to greet people, show them around, explain how playgroup works, fees etc.
  • 4 activities –
    - Craft @ tables
    - General activity (ie play dough) @ tables
    - Supervising outdoor play, etc.
    - Face painting
    -Sausage sizzle
    - Additional ‘floating’ volunteers if possible
  • A list will be placed on the board for volunteers to fill in their name and contact number. Each volunteer would only need to be available for one hour and we need children to come along and enjoy themselves as well.
  • Publicity – Local papers week before, sign on Church corner 1 month before, Council referrals.
  • Sausage sizzle - we can apply for an exemption for the Food Handling Certificate for the sausage sizzle. There is no fee. Approximate budget of $50 for supplies.
  • Helium balloons to decorate ramp and give away – 30 @ $30. Suggested that we may need more balloons, but should just use normal ones to keep the cost down, as we have no idea how many kids will be present.

- On 14th June Liz, Jayne & Melanie sorted and remarked toys including the sand pit bins, kitchen toys, baby toys and toy boxes. Thanks Jayne, Liz & Melanie for your efforts. A legend for the toy markings has been placed on the whiteboard. Please make an effort to put toys back into their correct box for safety reasons and please try to make sure inside toys don’t venture outside, as once they do they are ruined. Several of the toy boxes were broken.
- At the May meeting the idea of a paid cleaner coming in weekly was dismissed on the basis that we can and should do it ourselves. However, it seems that the rostered cleaning tasks are not being undertaken and we all appreciate that they are time consuming and difficult to undertake during playgroup. So, the idea of a quarterly cleaning bee is put forward (see attached).
- Motion moved by Simone and seconded by Leeanne to go ahead with the proposed quarterly cleaning bee and revised weekly cleaning roster. This will commence 1 August 2009.
- Request for a rag mop and appropriate bucket to be purchased. Rag mops are available for use hanging outside the hall near the bin already, so we only need to purchase the squeegee bucket.

Christmas picnic
- Dates – Sunday 29 Nov voted as best date
- Location – Suggestions of an indoor play centre (as adverse weather conditions would not result in a cancellation like last year and it is an appropriate environment for all ages of children), an animal farm or the YMCA.
- Activities to be discussed at August meeting.

Bacchus Marsh College
We have been approached by a woodwork teacher @ BM College. The senior students are looking for projects that they can build and donate to the community. We have suggested the wooden walkers that are on the wish list and the storage cabinet for the plastic boxes (also on wish list). If we can provide the timber they'll build it for us. Melanie has also mentioned they may like to approach the Council (re other playgroup contacts) and Playgroup Victoria re bushfire affected playgroups.

Administration: (Kimone)
- First Aid Course – went very well. A couple of people didn’t show up, however, as they had prepaid it didn’t effect our commitment to the instructor. May look at offering another course next year.
- The last vacant time slot (Monday 1.30-3.30pm) will be filled by the next new parents group through Council.
- Towards the end of the year there may be an opportunity for groups to change their timeslot, depending on whether any groups finish up before the new school year next year.
- Most groups should have received their membership confirmation forms back from Playgroup Victoria (“Family Details Part 3”). Can a copy please be forwarded to Kimone ASAP or left in the Terror Tots drawer (in an envelope, for privacy please).

Treasurer: (Sam)
Opening balance from June mtg $4427.02
Add income Weekly fees – May $ 663.15
Church fees $ 440.00
Outstanding weekly fees $ 0.00
Other income $ 50.09 (jumping castle/fete $50, bank interest 9c)
Less expenses $ 990.00 to Church ($50 donation, $940 in fees)
$ 229.22 for general expenses and items under purchasing
Carried forward balance $4361.04
Budget for same time $3445.00
$ 916.04 above budget
- Audit of Accounts – Gretta’s father has offered to do an audit for us. Both Sam and Melanie are trying to contact him.

Fundraising: (Liz)
- Social Club Books due back – 6th July 2009.

Purchasing: (Sam on behalf of Helen)
- Mirror – donated by Simone. Thanks
- New outdoor broom to replace broken one.
- Weed spray (for outside) & febreeze for couch cleaning. A request was made by Simone to make sure the weed spray is not harmful to anything but weeds.
- 2 new storage boxes (to replace 4 broken ones)
- Shelving for the red cupboard to maximise space.
- Other items on the Wish List to be purchased Helen

Church: (Blair)
- Reverend Blair mentioned that he and Melanie need to have a discussion regarding the relationship between the playgroup and the Church before we went ahead with purchasing big ticket items, ie fridge – List provided to Rev Blair during June.
- The Church is holding a concert on 19 July at 3pm, with afternoon tea, with proceeds going to the Neighbours Place.
- New session on a Wednesday, ‘Soulfood’, offering a meal at 12pm for those who might need some company and support. The regular Monday meal is still being offered for older people.

General Business
- We appreciate that people take toys or equipment home to clean or for maintenance. When doing so, please complete the “Equipment & Toy removal” sheet in the blue folder so that we know where things are. Also, just a reminder that if you wish to loan items such as chairs and tables, please seek approval from Melanie or Kimone at least 2 weeks beforehand.
- The blog had 137 hits in June. The address is
- The Annual General Meeting will be held in October.
- Melanie and Liz took part in a Council run parenting program, 123 Magic, last month. Both felt it might be a program other families within the playgroup may be interested in. Melanie has spoken to someone regarding funding for the program through the Council.

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