Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 2009 Minutes

Date: Monday 05 October 2009 Venue: Fellowship Hall

Meeting Commenced At: 7.35 pm

Business arising from the Minutes of the previous meeting:

- None

Coordinator: (Melanie)

  • Introductions - Welcome to Tons of Fun Playgroup (Wed). We now have 18 groups.
  • Outgoing Correspondence - None
  • Incoming Correspondence - None
  • Christmas picnic
    • Sunday 29 Nov 2009 11am – 2pm
    • Picnic in Maddingley Park – budget $600.
    • Agreed activities:-
      • Jumping castle x 2 $190 incl supervision (balls not an option, balloons offered but seems a bit unsafe if they burst)
      • Face painter – does anyone know one?
      • ‘Merry Christmas’ to hand presents out.
      •  Tarp with baby toys on it. We need to buy an umbrella to shade it.
      •  Lions Train
      • Balloons, icy poles or Christmas gift bags
  • Incorporation
    • As per unanimous vote at September meeting.
    • Name of St Andrews Playgroup Inc. currently available.
    • Cost $116.90 to set up.
    • Draft rules of our Association (attached). Reverend Blair’s changes have been added in blue. The original changes are still in red.
    • Amended draft Statement of Purpose (attached) with Blair’s proposed amendments.
    • Fee structure….the draft rules talk about unfinancial members….weekly fees may this impossible to determine….consider a fee review….some ideas...
      • Option A $100 per annum
        • (paid before 31/12 each year)
        • $20 Church fee + 40 weeks @ $2 per week.
        • Discount of $24 pa or 12 weeks free
      • Option B $41 Term 1 (incl Church fee)
        • $21 Term 2,3 & 4 $20 Church fee + 42 weeks @ $2 per week
        • Discount of $20 pa or 10 weeks free
      • Option C Leave as is
      • We could offer combination of A & B to members.
      • Some things to consider:-
        • Less cash handling by Group Leaders and Treasurer = less time & administration
        • Easier to forecast $$ expected
        • If Church fees rise, we will be out of pocket for 12 mths
        • If members attend every week they receive discount
        • If members are casual in their attendance (ie miss more than 1 per mth) they are out of pocket.
        • Would need to pro rata fees for new members who join part way through a term/year.
        • Left open for further discussion at the next meeting. General feeling that it would disadvantage those who were most in need of the support of playgroup.
  • Update on existing items
    • Australian Government 2009 Volunteer grants. Application has been received, however, due to the large number of applications it may take 3 months to process. We are being sponsored by Moorabool for Mothers Inc.
    • Moorabool Shire Council Grant – Summer round for resurfacing. Application sent by deadline. We are being sponsored by Moorabool for Mothers. Rev Blair asked that we remember that there are services in the area before digging.
Administration: (Kimone)

  • 161 families currently attending with the 18 groups
  • Only 13 people not registered with PGV – 12 members had reasonable reasons why they were not registered (ie just sent form off, casual/visitor). 1 member still being followed up.
  • Suggestion made that it would be easier to administer if we were listed with Playgroup Victoria as one listing with 18 sessions, instead of 18 different playgroups. Motion moved by Simone and seconded by Amber to go ahead with this, though Tons of Fun need to check with one member regarding privacy.
Treasurer: (Sam)

  • Previous month’s financials - see attached. Financials accepted. Motion moved by Amber, seconded by Tamsin.
  • Audit of Accounts to year ended 30 June 2009 – financials provided to Graeme. Audit should be ready for Dec meeting, as Graeme is away until then.
  • A request from Sam that everyone please put their group name on the money they hand in.
Fundraising: (Liz)

  • Toy orders were delivered at the meeting
    • The commission we should earn on the Toy Catalogues is $565.85 in vouchers. Vouchers raised will be used for wish list items – basketball ring, toy shopping baskets & dress ups for boys.
    • Due to value of orders we are entitled to a bonus activity table and three vehicles that are valued at $300. These should arrive in February 2010.
Purchasing: (Sam on behalf of Helen)

Church: (Blair)

  • Church / Playgroup Agreement – the agreement has been sent to the Church’s legal department and should go to Church council this month
  • Playgroup Incorporation – the Church are happy to support the playgroup in our wish to become incorporated
  • The air conditioning system was serviced during the month in preparation for the coming warmer weather
  • There is a concert on 13 December
  • Reverend Blair will be finishing up on 03 January 2010
  • Melanie & Mavis are discussing getting a playground safety inspection done.
General Business

  • Craft – Halloween or Spring Carnival theme.
  • Mirror for dress ups has been fitted.
  • Sign for fence – should be installed during the month
  • The vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned more often and the hose is screwed on, not broken, so it doesn’t need to be taped.
  • Has anyone seen the tent poles?



Monday, 9 November 2009 @ 7.30pm

(Note – change of date to 2nd Monday of November due to Melb Cup Long Weekend)