Wednesday, February 11, 2009

November Minutes


Date: Monday 09 November 2009 Venue: Fellowship Hall

Meeting Commenced At: 7.38 pm

Business arising from the Minutes of the previous meeting:

 None

Coordinator: (Melanie)

Introductions / Announcements

• Thank you to outgoing Committee members Kimone & Helen. Flowers given as gift.

• Also, thank you to Sam and Liz for renominating and Amber, Rebecca, Vicki, Simone and Bethan for joining the Committee team, great to have some news faces and ideas on board.

• Sudden passing of Maureen Singleton, Membership Coordinator, Playgroup Victoria. This may have caused some delay for anyone trying to contact Playgroup Victoria.

• We get a mention in the current Playgrouper magazine in ‘Your say’ as a thank you from Flowerdale playgroup for our donation of $1000.

Outgoing Correspondence

 Letter to Church re permission to landscape and resurface area between Church & hall

Incoming Correspondence

 From Playgroup Victoria – fees for 2010. No increase in 2010 – family $25 / concession $15. No early bird rate. Membership based on anniversary year.

Quarterly Clean

  • Saturday 14th November 2009 9am -> approx 2 hrs
  • Supervising group = Puddleducks
  • Participants = Marshmallows, Cheeky Cherubs, Busy Bees, Little Marshians
  • All participants to send volunteer/s. Morning tea provided by supervising group. Minimum of one person per group, but please try for two to share the work around.
  • Please forward names and contact details to Sam before Saturday.
  • Please no children – quicker & safe.
General Maintenance

  • We need to top up the softfall and sand pit again. We need a couple of volunteers?
  • Date to be confirmed
Christmas picnic

  • Sunday 29 Nov 2009 11am – 2pm
  • Picnic in Maddingley Park. Exact location is on the mound to the right of the Adventure Playground when you enter from Taverner Street (ie middle of the park). Good shade and grass cover and close to everything.
  • Budget $600.
  • Agreed activities:-
    •  Jumping castle x 2 $190 incl supervision
    •  Face painter – does anyone know one?
    • ‘Merry Christmas’ to hand presents out - $50 donation.
    • Tarp with baby toys on it. We need to buy an umbrella to shade it.
    • Lions Train - $TBC approx $90-100
    • Christmas gifts & icy poles will be handed to the children. Please RSVP by 20 Nov 2009 if you are attending to ensure your child does not miss out! Approx cost = $320
  • In the event of inclement weather please contact myself or Liz (by 9am) to find out if event is cancelled.

  • Amended draft Rules of our Association (attached)
  • Amended draft Statement of Purpose (attached).
  • Motion moved by Simone and seconded by Julie, unanimously in favour of going ahead with both the Rules of Association and the Statement of Purpose.
Member survey

  • We’d like to find out more about what members want, how things can be improved etc.
  • We’d like to circulate an anonymous and confidential survey to members. Some ideas to include in the survey include fee structure (as per Oct mtg), expenditure areas, donations, communication, and fundraising options.

Update on grants

  • Australian Government 2009 Volunteer grants. Application has been received, however, due to the large number of applications it may take 3 months to process. We are being sponsored by Moorabool for Mothers Inc.
  • Moorabool Shire Council Grant – summer round for resurfacing. Our application was successful. We are being sponsored by Moorabool for Mothers. Rev Blair asked that we remember that there are services in the area before digging.
  • If anyone has ideas for a mural to decorate the wall along the Church please present them at the December meeting. A garden bed will run along the wall of the Church as well.
  • Mavis mentioned that the Church would like to keep or at least utilise the current bench seating in the area. Melanie advised that whilst the bench was to be removed, it was to be replaced with 2-3 bench seats with arms & backs that could be moved around and used by the Church as well.
  • Landscaping should take place during the Christmas period or early in the new year.

Action: By Whom / When

• RSVP numbers for Christmas picnic All groups by 20 November

• Fill in Graduation Certificate form All groups by 20 November

• Ideas for mural Anyone interested by next meeting

Administration: (Bethan)

  • St Andrew’s Playgroup has been registered with Playgroup Victoria as one group with multiple sessions. Membership renewals will therefore be sent directly to each individual member family.
  • Timetable changes for 2010 need to be submitted by the December meeting. A form was handed out at the meeting or left in your drawer. A copy is also attached. Groups may return their filled in form to the New Tots on the Block drawer if they wish or at the December meeting.
  • All groups to return timetable form for 2010 All groups by next meeting

Treasurer: (Sam)

  • Financial Report for Oct 2009
    • Opening Balance $4119.11
    • Weekly Fees $518.10
    • Church Hall Fees $20
    • Less Expenses $20
    • Closing Balance $4637.21
  • Expenses for the month were low, but there are large payments due in December for many things in the budget, including repairs to the kitchen, Christmas Picnic and landscaping deposit.
  • Audit of Accounts to year ended 30 June 2009 – Due Dec 09 meeting
  • A spreadsheet was emailed out during the month asking for confirmation of details for the Church fee.

Action: By Whom / When

• Audit Mel/Sam

• Return Church fee details All groups as soon as possible

Fundraising: (Simone)

  • Book Club orders collected at the meeting. Orders should be delivered in approximately two weeks directly to the person who ordered.

Purchasing: (Amber)

  • Nothing to report

Craft: (Rebecca)

  • If anyone has suggestions for craft ideas, especially for babies and toddlers, please email them to Rebecca on

Church: (Blair)

  • Church / Playgroup Agreement – update
  • Playground inspection – Playspace, who installed the playground equipment, charge a fee of $476.50 to inspect the playground. Church council are looking at other avenues in order to keep the cost down. Moorabool Council only inspect their own properties. A suggestion was made to approach St Bernards or Montesorri to see who inspects their equipment.
  • Mowing of play area undertaken during the month.
  • It has been reported to the Church that the rear upper latch is difficult and too high for some parents. The Church will consider our request to make it a side latch.

General Business

  • Sign on fence – thanks to Simone & partner
  • Annual report to Church will be completed earlier than in the past, so that it coincides with the current committee year.
  • Please refill water jugs located in the fridge so that cold water is always available.
  • Now that the hot weather has arrived please remember to turn the air conditioner and the fan off at the end of your session. The dial for the fan is not aligned properly, so it might take some guess work to get it to the correct on or off position.
  • A large plastic backed outdoor rug was purchased during the month for use outside. It is 2.8m by 2.8m, which is a good size for crawling babies. Please make sure it is folded neatly after use.