Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nut Free Policy

St Andrews Playgroup Nut Free Policy


This statement applies to the playgroup venue (the hall also known as the Fellowship Hall and the outdoor area) and all who use the venue.

St Andrews Playgroup Responsibility

St Andrews Playgroup believes it has a responsibility to provide a safe venue for all playgroup members.

Over the last few years, we have been made aware of an increasing number of members with food allergies. Of particular concern, are those who have severe reactions which can be life threatening. Nuts/nut products are known to cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Even a trace amount of these products transferred from food to a toy in the play area can be a problem. Whilst nuts/nut products are not the only food that can cause severe reactions, they are widely recognised as the most likely to cause anaphylaxis; and commonly excluded from schools, day care centres and playgroups. For the safety of all users, a Nut Free Policy has been developed.

The Policy

No nuts or nut products are to be brought into or consumed within the venue.

Examples of excluded foods are nuts (all), peanut butter, nutella, or any cakes, biscuits or food topped with nuts or containing nuts (this does not include products labelled “may contain traces of nuts”).
While other foods are known to cause allergic reactions, it is not reasonable to exclude a wide range of products from the venue at this time.
Members Responsibility
Families are not required to declare food allergies at the time of joining, however it is recommended that members with food allergies advise their group of any food which may cause concern for them or their child.
Members with food allergies are responsible for management of their own condition. St Andrews Playgroup will endeavour to provide a safe environment for all users, however we cannot guarantee the environment is nut free.

All users of the hall must ensure that:-
  • Food is consumed at the tables provided and prepared in the kitchen
  • No excluded foods are bought into or consumed in the venue
  • Tables and hands are wiped/washed after eating to ensure no cross contamination

Your Privacy:

If for some reason we are made aware of a members specific food allergy we will not disclose this information to a third party without the members consent.