Saturday, April 4, 2009

Agenda - April 2009 meeting

Date: Monday, 6 April 2009

Venue: Fellowship Hall

Introductions: New group starting 8 April
Apologies: Jayne Runge (as Secretary)

Meeting Commenced At PM
Business arising from the previous Minutes of the March meeting
The donation made in lieu of payment to Marg Bennett (Clown) to the “Darley Neighbourhood House”, should have read “The Neighbours Place”.
Interim budget – was this approved at March meeting?
Co ordinator (Melanie)

Teddy Bears Picnic
Held 22 March 2009
Good weather and good fun had by those who attended, but very disappointing attendance – 16 families attended (from 100+)
Lions Train didn’t turn up.

Donation to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal
· PGV advises that they have been unindated with toys. Cash donations to PGV Vic Bushfire Fund can be made to support playgroups. 3 sites lost.

Toy Donations
· We gratefully accept all toy donations. We ask that all toys for donation be clean and left in the kitchen for the attention of Helen (Puddleducks). Helen & Sam will decide if they are safe for use and where they should be stored etc.
· We currently require small sized low heeled shoes for dress ups (ie teenage girls or ladies Size 6-7), train set (or pieces of) that match our existing set (ie Aldi or Ikea).

Fundraising Officer
· 1 nomination received from Liz Strike, New Tots on the Block

Stockdale & Leggo board
· Church Council has advised that whilst they are not opposed to a sign, it cannot contain any advertising or business logos. Therefore, Stockdale & Leggo are no longer interested.
· Should we approach the Church for permission to erect our own sign on the playground fence facing Foodworks (ie “Join Playgroup 5367 1234”)?

Church Fete – 2nd May
Jumping Castle offer:-
· Operator will waiver the hire fee
· Charge a pay-per-ride fee of $3 per child.
· Split the days takings equally.
· We would also not charge to have a staff member supervise the castle
· No risk, guaranteeing you a profit and minimal, if any, need for volunteers.
· Castle - Scooby-Doo (larger and can fit more children on at once)
Draft budget for the year period 1 July 2009 – 30 June 2010
· Budgeted income for year - $9740 ($7740 weekly fees & $2000 Church fees).
· At this stage, no fundraising budget for.
· Budgeted expenses for year - $7795
· Contingency of $500 allowed for all year – is this enough or $1000?
· Budgeted end of year surplus - $4390. Remember we are not for profit!

Wish List 08/09
· Items 1-16 included in July 2009 budget
· Items 17 & 18 included in November 2009 budget (in time for outdoor weather and toy sales)
· Items 19-27 to be discussed at meeting re priority, funding and timing
· Any items that do not get up this year, will be carried over to 2009/2010 for consideration.

· Donation to the Playgroup Vic Bushfire Appeal
· Fundraising Officer
· Fence sign
· Church fete
· Budget 1.7.09 – 30.6.10
· Wish list 08/09
By Whom/When:
Administration (Kimone)
· First Aid Course – 2nd May (clashes with Church Fete)
Treasurer (Sam)
Audit of Accounts
Church fee – now $20 per family per annum due TODAY (6th April) and no concession rate.
Weekly fees received for March - $
Expenses paid in March $
Current balance is $

Fundraising (Vacant)

Purchasing (Sam on behalf of Helen)
· Dress up cupboard
· Easter & Mothers Day craft

Church (Blair)
General Business

Website/blog (Chelsea & Sam) - update
Monday, 4 May 2009 @ 7.30 pm

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